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Blackstone's Criminal Practice 2003

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Author:  Peter Murphy, et al

Price: 125.00 (Book Only - CD-ROM available)

Edition: 13th Edition (2003 Edition)

ISBN:  0 199 254338

In an area predominately dominated by Sweet & Maxwell's Archbold text, Blackstone's Criminal Practice was up against some firm competition.  However, this text is more than a contender for Archbold's crown.

The text is set out in a manner which enables the relevant material to be found quickly.  Each paragraph is labeled and cross-referenced with a superbly detailed index.  The content of the text is also set out well and easy to read.  Each criminal act is dealt with individually with the different elements of the crime explained.

The text also includes sentence levels which enables the practitioner to be able to estimate the possible sentencing options open to the judge.  The Magistrates' Guidelines are also included to show mitigating and aggravating features of individual crimes which is a necessity for pleas of mitigation.

This is a detailed text which is well set out, easy to read and an excellent resource for any criminal law practitioner.  It is excellent value for money and certainly merits a place alongside Archbold as the text in criminal courts.

Reviewed on 28 March 2003

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