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The Criminal Process

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Author: Andrew Ashworth & Mike Redmayne

Price: 27.99

Edition: 3rd Edition (April 2005)

ISBN: 0-19-927338-3

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The process from arresting and questioning a suspect until trial is one of the most important processes in English Law.  It is also one which receives considerable public attention.  It is therefore important for anyone studying or practising criminal law to have a fundamental grasp of the procedure: The Criminal Process provides exactly that.

The Criminal Process discusses the key steps in the criminal process in a lucid and stimulating way.  The key issues are set-out and closely followed by the legal and policy arguments.  This allows the reader to understand the law and its weaknesses.  By adopting a chronological approach to the criminal process, the reader can also quickly understand and appreciate the various stages.

Whilst being lucid and stimulating, the text is extremely accessible and balanced with the key principles broken into short segments.  For example, when explaining the interviewing of suspects, the authors explain the right to silence under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.  They also explain the human rights dimension, including the case-law from the European Court of Human Rights, and the various arguments for and against the right to silence.  This allows the reader to understand the procedure and, more importantly, the reasons for that legal framework.

The Criminal Process is a thought-provoking and academically stimulating text.  It is superbly balanced and explains the key principles of the criminal process,  It also explores in excellent detail the various arguments for and against them.  I thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in criminal law or criminology.

Reviewed on 27 December 2007

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