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Schmitthoff's Export Trade: The Law and Practice of International Trade

Authors: Carole Murray, David Holloway & Daren Timson-Hunt

Price: 44.99

Edition: 11th Edition (September 2007)

ISBN: 978-0-421-89280-4

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For many commercial lawyers, a solid understanding of the export law and, in particular, international sale of goods, is fundamental.  Unfortunately, this area of law is a mixture of domestic and international systems meaning answers are sometimes difficult to find.  Fortunately, Schmitthoff's Export Trade provides a clear, comprehensive and accessible account of international trade law.

Written by leading commercial lawyers, Schmitthoff's Export Trade is separated into ten excellent parts: international sale of goods; finance of exports; transportation of exports; insurance of goods in transit; international commercial dispute resolution; construction and long-term contracts; customs law; marketing organisations abroad; market information and standardisation, unification, e-commerce and EDI.  This approach is excellent because it allows the material to be broken down into bite-size sections.

Each part of the text is impressively written, explaining the key principles in a logical and accessible way.  Impressively, the authors manage to seamlessly weave together both domestic and international provisions: this is some feat!  Schmitthoff's Export Trade also makes excellent use of footnotes ensuring that points for further research or supporting authorities are included but without spoiling the superb balance of the text.  The authors also manage to comprehensively cover the key principles like jurisdiction and applicable law, which are typically confined to practitioner texts.

For anyone interested in export law, Schmitthoff's Export Trade is a leading text.  It seamlessly combines the relevant rules, regulations and case-law in a coherent and authoritative text.  By doing so, the authors genuinely ensure this text can be used by both students and practitioners.  It is also extremely well priced for practitioners but may be a touch expensive for many students.  It is, however, a text which is likely to remain on my desk more than off it.

Reviewed on 28 May 2008

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